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The Booming Lash Industry

Learn more about the booming 84 billion-dollar beauty industry and the lightning-hot category of eyelash extensions.


lash franchising: an industry in its prime

The lash business is in its golden era, with the demand for eyelash extensions growing exponentially. As more individuals seek effortless beauty solutions, the eyelash extension industry has blossomed into an $84 billion powerhouse. Secure your foothold in this profitable market with ownership of The Lash Lounge franchise.

A woman is getting her eyelashes done in The Lash Lounge franchise.

Our Dominance in the lash industry

Amidst the lash industry’s rapid growth, one name stands above the rest: The Lash Lounge. With over 120 salons nationwide and 32,000+ 5-star reviews, we have not only carved a niche but also set new standards. The Lash Lounge’s eyelash extension franchise offers you the chance to capitalize on the soaring demand for beauty enhancements while leveraging a lash business model that’s all about excellence.

The interior of The Lash Lounge franchise.

why own an eyelash extension franchise?

Eyelash extensions are disrupting the beauty industry. They have become an integral part of a woman’s beauty routine, transcending a mere trend and becoming a lifestyle choice and even an addiction. Our founder, Anna Phillips, was the first to open a dedicated eyelash extension studio in the United States – she predicted the growing demand and built The Lash Lounge concept to deliver the service.

Available Territories

The Lash Lounge is growing quickly across the country, offering amazing opportunities in all states! Whether you want to own a successful lash business or set up multiple lash franchise locations, we’re excited to hear about your aspirations. If you don’t find your city listed, reach out to us and we’ll provide information on availability. Get in touch with us today to explore the possibilities of owning a thriving lash franchise in your desired territory!

Buy An Existing Lash Lounge Franchise

When you buy an existing Lash Lounge franchise, you have the luxury of skipping the phase of establishing your business and creating a guest base. You’ll still receive full support, training, and guidance from The Lash Lounge team, just like you’re opening a new franchise location! Contact us today to discover these great RESALE opportunities.

own A lash lounge FRANCHISE

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